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First Aid Beauty really is FAB

Hi there! How are you doing? I hope you’re well! I just wanted to pop on here and talk about some of the new products I am loving lately. One thing I am constantly doing is trying to find a good skincare routine and trying out tons of new products! I feel like I have always had pretty problematic skin since the age of about 13.  Still, almost 10 years later I have times where all I want to do is put on 17 layers of foundation and concealer before I can even leave the house for 5 minutes. So over the years and to this day, most of my beauty budget goes to skincare items to try to work on some of the issues my skin has! (Here is me with some help from some of my favorite makeup products)



When I was younger I feel like my skin was so different than it is now. As a teenager my skin was very oily, and I would get acne on my forehead and around my nose. Now as a young adult that has all changed into more combination skin, with almost exclusively hormonal acne along my jaw line and lower cheeks. Some times my skin can be very dry and need some love, and other times it can be fairly oily.


The three  products I am trying right now are all  First Aid Beauty, which I am currently loving. There are so many reasons to love FAB, they are so gentle on sensitive skin with no fragrance, are free of most common allergens, and they make great ingredients a priority. Because I was new to the brand and wasn’t sure what to get, I did one of my favorite things and purchased a little sample set from ULTA. That is one of my key tips when trying out new skincare, especially if it is a bit more pricy is to look for a starter kit and save some money. The kit I bought had their Ultra Repair Cream, Radiance Pads, and traditional Face Cleanser. All three of these I will for sure be buying in full-size when I run out, but luckily their sample sizes are pretty big so they have lasted me almost a month now! These products do exactly what they boast which is to cleanse and repair skin in a soothing yet effective way. Out of all three products I think my favorite are the Radiance Pads which exfoliate and brighten with Lactic and Glycolic acids. Needless to say, I will for sure be re-purchasing these FAB products, and trying out more of them!

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