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Discover Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of those place I never expected to love as much as I did. My mom was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and hadn’t been home in almost 25 years. So when my cousin was graduating from high school this past week, we decided to make a pilgrimage to see her old homes and places she remembers. While so much has changed, the heart and beauty of the city has remained.


One of the more beautiful places we visited were the botanical gardens. There you can find sprawling fields of soft green grass and multiple gardens filled with roses, peonies, and fountains.  At the heart is a stunning little stone cottage that looks as though it is from a fairytale. This is such a cute little place to go visit, but it is also available for events like weddings and parties. I really recommend going to see the gardens and taking time to quite literally smell the roses.


Another beautiful place is the Milwaukee Art Museum. With its gorgeous views of Lake Michigan and bold marble lobby, you can’t go wrong with a visit. They have an amazing collection ranging from Andy Warhol’s pop art to soft Rococo pieces. Not only that but right next door is a sweet little restaurant called “Harbor House” with delicious seafood and adorable decor served with white cloth service.  Once you visit the museum the Summerfest grounds and downtown Milwaukee are only steps away to enjoy and explore.

IMG_5148.JPG My favorite place of all though was Grant Park and Seven Bridges. In Florida you can never see such an amazing cliff side vista, with so many different types of trees and flowers. I have always dreamed of seeing a true forest with pines and maples surrounded by wildflowers. If you are dying to see that too, this is the place to be! There are hidden trails and paths, and also a really stunning public golf course. Just to be able to stand on the edge of this bluff, and take in the view was such a grounding experience that I know I will never forget.

Some of the other places we visited were Lakeside Brewery, The Outsiders bar, and Potawatomi hotel and casino. All of which were so much fun and so unexpected!

At the start of this trip, I thought Wisconsin would be all farmland and cows but I was so happily wrong. Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to beautiful gardens, a modern and fun downtown, delicious foods, and  countless festivals.  If you are looking for a great weekend trip this summer I highly recommend adding Milwaukee to your list of places to visit.

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