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Holy Grails of Hair (Summer 2017)

Summer is a hard time for hair. I don’t know about you but I feel like my hair in the summer is so unmanageable! Living in Florida with wavy very delicate yet thick hair has always been a major challenge for me. For the longest time I was either stuck wearing my hair down straight and after .5 seconds in the humidity become a puff ball OR, I would be constantly rocking a messy bun. Until now.

I have unlocked what I feel might be the best routine for my unruly locks!! When I use these products all together, or even just one or two at  a time, my hair is not only soft and sleek but also has a brilliant shine. The rest of this post is going to be me gushing over each of these products. I tried to organize them in the order that I put them on and use them after a shower.

  1. Bumble and Bumble Hair Mask 


This is heaven in a jar. This mask alone helps my hair in so many ways! In the summer I tend to use more hot-tools than I do in any other season, making my hair just a bit more fragile and easily dulled.

This little wonder jar saves me from all the hassle I usually face by softening and smoothing my hair to easily manageable tresses. It has that amazing Bb sweet smell we all know and love! Plus it comes in a great size for its price, because you aren’t using this products everyday, this is sure to last. I highly recommend giving it a try! They do sell it at Sephora and I’m not 100% sure but I bet they have samples to try!

2. Marula Oil


Now this is not so easy to get your hands on, but if you can you really should. My mom got this at her hairdressers and gave it to me, and I know you can purchase this online as well.

I am big fan of serums to put in right after I get out of the shower. This pretty little oil right here gets the job done for sure!! If you live in humid climate or generally get frizz this really will help manage your problem areas and keep you smooth all day!

3. It’s a 10 Miracle Silk Leave in Conditioner


If you have big big puffy hair you need this. I have very light thin strands of hair but a TON of them and they have no weight to them, which means my hair just kind of floats around my head with no real shape or texture.

This smells so yummy with a light floral scent which is so refreshing. My main tip with this product is to either 1) hold it far away from your head when you spray it or 2) spray the product into your hand and then apply it to your hair. I really recommend starting with option2, just to get a feel for how the product works for you. It will weight your hair down (which is what I need) but you may only want a bit of product compared to me!

4. Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It 

image1 (1)

My hair dresser actually recently recommended this product to me and I can’t stop using it!! She knows that if there is one thing I hate in my hair care routine it is blowdrying my own hair. Not only do my arms get so tired but it takes sooooo long!! It is a job that I really hate doing, but I hate how fluffy my hair looks when I don’t… A true predicament.

This little handy dandy potion keeps me from having to blow dry my hair and keeps my hair far more manageable! Just like the last Bb product as well, this bad boy will last you a very long time! So the price you pay is so so worth it!

5. Dry Bar Triple-Sec


This right here saves me on my second or third day after a shower. I literally can’t wash my hair everyday, it just does not help me at all. So I usually end up straightening and styling on the 1st day, wearing again on the second (maybe with some dry shampoo but not always) and on the last day when things are looking flat… I whip this out and save the DAY! I don’t use this unless I have styled my hair and it is looking flat because this WILL give you volume, but very easily controllable!


Well there you have it!! My current hair care loves!! Let me know what you use, or if you try any of these!! Thanks for reading!!


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