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Brighter (Glowing) Days

I have to admit I am on this glowing dewy skin craze!! Truthfully, for most of my life I have been all about a matte foundation and making sure I always had a powder with me to touch things up. But oh how things have changed.

I’m not sure if it is the fact that it is summer, or that I have always had a love for all things sparkly, but I can’t stop getting that glow. I have a few different products that I have been loving to get a nice highlight and a subtle all over glow that leaves my skin looking natural and healthy, and better yet like I have little to no makeup on (even if I have a good amount).

Lately I have been using (and loving) the new Tarte Brighter Days highlighting moisturizer. I will say if you are looking for a primer to really hold makeup on this product is not going to get you there, BUT if you are looking to add a glow to any foundation I highly recommend using this product under your product of choice.

Better yet, I have been loving the Maybelline “Fit Me Dewy and Smooth” Foundation. Not only is it great coverage and long lasting but it achieves a natural glow without using the brighter days, and leaves me looking fresh faced and ready for the day. I usually apply the foundation with a damp beauty blender but in  a pinch when I can’t find mine, a flat top foundation brush also works wonders!!

Last but certainly not least, if you’re feeling bold and brave and want to highlight with your glow I have a few highlighters I have been loving. In no particular order they are

  1. Colour Pop Super Shock Highlight in Lunch Money
  2. LA Lights: Hollywood and Highlight stick by Smashbox 
  3. Tarte’s: Tarteist Pro-Glow to Go highlight and contour set 

All three of these products give your skin a bright and stunning highlight. The Colour Pop and Smashbox products are both soft solid formulas that glide on easily, while the Tarte highlighters are in a powder form that dust on for a fine finish. No matter which one you choose you will be lift looking bright and healthy!


These are just a few of my favorite products! Let me know if you have any that you love to use that you think I should try!!

2 thoughts on “Brighter (Glowing) Days”

  1. When reading your intro all I could think of was same. I feel the exact same way. I now love me a dewy skin as long as it doesn’t look oily. I haven’t tried the taste brighter days primer but, I do love Becca’s backlight primer filter. I think it’s amazing for adding that glow underneath your foundation.


    1. I have yet to try the becca one but I hear it is amazing and is for sure on my list of things I want to try this summer!! As for the tarte brighter days, it is very low on the glow scale but is super natural. Another great thing about it is that it is super natural and doesn’t clog my pores which many many primers have been guilty of in the past!

      Also, thank you so much for taking the time to read my first post and comment <3!

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